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Signature Baking is the product of four generations of bakers. What began using family recipes and techniques in Goa, India in 1909 has fully proofed into a bakery that has been serving DFW since 1978 with their all-American products like loaves, buns and rolls.

A genuine passion for serving means we aren’t just manufacturers – we’re creators, innovators and here to provide professional service and a personal touch to all the products we produce. We currently serve clients ranging from stadiums, hotels, convention centers and hospitals to upscale eateries and quick-service restaurant chains.

Signature Baking Company's History


Joaquim Santana de Souza and his family began baking in Goa, India in 1909. In 1938, his son Jose Francisco took over the family business and renamed it Souza & Sons. His son, Oscar DeSouza, grew up learning the family’s recipes and business. In 1971 he immigrated to America to earn an MBA. Souza & Sons still operates in Goa today.


Oscar begins Souza Baking. The bakery originally served as a retail bakery, but Oscar began a wholesale model to focus on fresh baked breads for hotels, stadiums and restaurants. In 1991, Oscar changed the name to Signature Baking to signify the company’s key qualities of creating signature products for clients.


Oscar and his wife Ezella had three kids Jeff, OJ and Natasha whom they taught the family busines and recipes to. OJ took interest in the family company and took over operations in 2006.

March 2020

The fourth generation of the DeSouza family, OJ and his wife Jenn earned their MBAs in 2018 and continued to grow the family business. In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they expanded their services to include home delivery.

Signature Baking continues to serve clientele with fresh bread through hot dogs at a stadium, a burger bun at a local burger chain or through a loaf delivered on a doorstep.

What people are saying...

"Ordering from home for a delicious "bread" treat is now my must-do every week. I elected to get the three loaves a week subscription with a couple of sweets add-ons"

Sara R

"The Cinnamon Raisin bread is so moist and tasty by itself it did not need butter or cream cheese like most store-bought brands and are much larger slices than store bought. The Poppy Seed burger buns were moist and flavorful, they took our grilled burgers from a 7 to a 10, they are outstanding, you don't know what you are missing until you try these."

Jim D

"Hands down, the best cinnamon swirl bread I've ever had! Pastries & assortment of breads really are fresher than anything at the grocery store."

Sabrina H

"I ordered a few items for home delivery and quickly decided to subscribe for a weekly treat! The wheat rolls, cinnamon raisin bread and the marble rye are my favorites that I now cannot live without!"

Susan J

"Be careful when you order that cinnamon bread. You will eat the whole loaf in one sitting. It's delicious!!!"

Kathleen N

"Wonderful bread delivered to your door. It is delicious and fresh. I could not be happier. Great to be able to support a local, family owned business too!"

Cheryl P

"The wheat bread is so yummy with sandwiches. White bread was great for French toast in the mornings. You will not be disappointed with your order."

Gina R

"We had a great experience ordering some loaves of bread and poppy seed buns from Signature Baking Company for a porch delivery!"

Juliet Z


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